Thursday, July 4, 2013


Come on, raise your hand if that has happened to you?

Well, lately it has been happening to me A.L.O.T. (yes, periods after each letter in a word means something BIG ~ you didn't know that? Well, now you do.) ha! 

With my empty nest going on around here this week I have had to resort to texting.  A.L.O.T. ;-)

Who actually between the ages of 13 and 16 turns their ringer on and answers their phone?  I am waiting......just like I have been doing when I try to call my girls.  They do not answer. Ever!  Then when I text them and ask..."Why didn't you get my call?".....their reply, "I didn't hear it, I guess my ringer wasn't on." What did we do before text? 

Oh yea, I actually dialed my friends phone number. Then I stretched the loooong cord out the sliding glass door on my deck and shut the door just enough so it didn't wreck the cord or door to TRY and get some privacy while talking.  

And then what?  We BIKED to each other's house and BIKED to the lake to "hang out".  None of this, "Mom, I need a ride" or "Mom, bring me to the mall so we can buy a smoothie and just talk in the food court for hours"......get out and move.  

Whoa....totally random tangent there.  HA! 

Back to kids are gone this week! I have been texting them to keep in touch with them.  But, then we text at the same time and we answer the wrong question and before you know it we end with ......."what?" or "what did you mean?"......

I love the power of the text and I dislike the power of the text.  

How about you?  LIke or Dislike? 

Do you remember the long phone cords too?

Do you remember when biking was the main mode of transportation as a 13 year old?

This Independence Day remember back....remember the good ol' days what ever that is FOR YOU! Reflect and Enjoy whatever brings you to your Happy Place be it Average or Not.  Peace.