Thursday, July 4, 2013


Come on, raise your hand if that has happened to you?

Well, lately it has been happening to me A.L.O.T. (yes, periods after each letter in a word means something BIG ~ you didn't know that? Well, now you do.) ha! 

With my empty nest going on around here this week I have had to resort to texting.  A.L.O.T. ;-)

Who actually between the ages of 13 and 16 turns their ringer on and answers their phone?  I am waiting......just like I have been doing when I try to call my girls.  They do not answer. Ever!  Then when I text them and ask..."Why didn't you get my call?".....their reply, "I didn't hear it, I guess my ringer wasn't on." What did we do before text? 

Oh yea, I actually dialed my friends phone number. Then I stretched the loooong cord out the sliding glass door on my deck and shut the door just enough so it didn't wreck the cord or door to TRY and get some privacy while talking.  

And then what?  We BIKED to each other's house and BIKED to the lake to "hang out".  None of this, "Mom, I need a ride" or "Mom, bring me to the mall so we can buy a smoothie and just talk in the food court for hours"......get out and move.  

Whoa....totally random tangent there.  HA! 

Back to kids are gone this week! I have been texting them to keep in touch with them.  But, then we text at the same time and we answer the wrong question and before you know it we end with ......."what?" or "what did you mean?"......

I love the power of the text and I dislike the power of the text.  

How about you?  LIke or Dislike? 

Do you remember the long phone cords too?

Do you remember when biking was the main mode of transportation as a 13 year old?

This Independence Day remember back....remember the good ol' days what ever that is FOR YOU! Reflect and Enjoy whatever brings you to your Happy Place be it Average or Not.  Peace.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Well that was sort of awkward!

OMG!  If you didn't read my last post about my cycle class you must do so here before continuing........

Don't worry I will, go read!


MmmmKay? Done?

Well then lets continue.  I worked last night.  And after about an hour into the job who should walk in but SAID CYCLE INSTRUCTOR!  (My first thought was did he read my post? Does he know what I REALLY think of his class?!) Holy Horror! 


Not really but you know what I mean.  Then it happened.....he reached out his hand to "pretend to introduce himself to me" He's all....."I'm *blah*, did you know we have a class called Cycle on Monday and Wednesday mornings that I teach?".....Ummm, Yes, I knew and I have been specifically avoiding it....I take it you noticed? 

OK, so I didn't actually say that but heck yes I thought it and a few other thoughts too but you get the idea.

I explained I get bored...(oops foot in mouth).....that I need to change up the routine ( music to motivate).....and that during the summer I have more flexibility with my time ~ not having to plan around kid and school schedules ~ thus, I am trying new things.  (Whew! I think he bought it; after all it is mostly true)

Then he ended the conversation with......"I'll save a bike for you for when you come back.".....

I smiled and said thanks!

See I can be nice like that ......sometimes!

Happy Friday and Have a drink it's the weekend after all!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Average Mom's attempt at Jillian Michael's Shred.

Lately I have been wanting to change up my workout/exercise routine.  Man, do I get bored easily!  Over the winter months when I had to be more strict with my time due to kids in school and activities I had to primarily work out in the morning if at all.  Thus, the 6AM cycle class at my Y on Monday and Wednesday mornings were my friend.  Until........

1.  The music took a toll. I just couldn't stand listening to another "American Pie" tribute or duh..."The YMCA" by The Village People and finally, the Beach Boys....yes, an American Legend but try finding your inspiration to cycle at the wee morning hours to "I wish they all could be California girls!" UGH!

2.  The instructor would constantly ask ...."Do you know who sings this song?" ....I don't like to be put on the spot. Period. But, I definitely don't want to be put on the spot when "I DON"T CARE WHO SINGS THIS SONG!" I really just want this song to be over and the class too for that matter.

and finally,

3.  When I kind of spoke up and made fun of a song the fellow cycle peeps kind of glared at me?! What? I thought I simply said what every one else was thinking.....You mean you all REALLY like this music? And once I again I am the one with the crazy thoughts?!

That was the end of 6AM cycle for me.  I haven't been back for 2 months...sad thing, I don't think I am missed.  *ha!*

So, this Average Mom decided there are more Y's in my area and it was time to check out what they had to offer.  I needed new music, new motivation, new instruction and a new experience....insert today's class.....Jillian Michael's Shred!

3-2-1- Fitness.  Intense. Fast. 30 minutes of sweat filled movements with loud motivating music!  This is just what I had been looking for!  My fat jiggled one way while my body moved another.   When the instructor ~ one Jillian would be so proud of ~ said "10 seconds to the next move" I took that as..."10 seconds to rest so that I would be ready for the next move."

Did I die? No.

Did I have to rest a bit? Yes.

Will I be back? For Sure!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer is in FULL Swing but, I need to refocus

OH where, oh where has my little life gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?  (I could have used "doggie" but, I know where he is ... snoozing on the floor beside me after a crazy evening of thunderstorms and being awakened from God's flash bulb) And that's ok....because we have a beautiful day here today.

a little snippet of my side yard...
the neighbors may start calling me
"crazy daisy lady"

Oops....Focus T.A.M. Focus....see what I mean by needing to "refocus"? I get a little off task sometimes and lately its been in the form of teaching my kiddos daily tasks of life.  For instance, I have begun the "101 of Life's Daily lesson's ~ I thought you already KNEW!" I do not have 101 specific examples don't worry but, I do have a few.

1.  How to change a toilet paper roll.  Really?  I cannot believe how many empty rolls I find still on the toilet dispenser and full new rolls sitting on the back on the toilet being used.  I am sure that dispenser was at least $9.99 kids----Can you please use it?!

2.  How to pick up after oneself.  It's a very difficult task around this house and its especially difficult when in our basement or a bathroom.  Hmmmm, maybe its something in the air?  I may need to change the furnace filter.....better check on that soon.  Anyway, I showed them in the bathroom that all they have to do is bend (at the knees~save the back) pick up said clothes or pajamas and put them a. in the dirty clothes hamper or b. back in the drawer for the next days use.  (Novel idea isn't it? ha!) 

The basement tutorial was a bit harder.  I had to show some many different things.  *How to throw granola bar wrappers in the garbage. * How to take dirty dishes back upstairs to the kitchen sink *How to pick up dirty socks because you must have gotten hot and decided to take them off and throw them in the closest corner. And finally, * How to correctly change a full garbage.  (I know its brain wrecking scientific stuff around here!) But, when the garbage can is over flowing that is a definite sign IT NEEDS to be CHANGED. 

3.  And the last one.....How to wipe up crumbs on the kitchen counter. I know exactly who ate what when I come home or go in the kitchen after my tribe.  Pb&J...obvious. Because I just smeared my hand in some of the mess.  Cheese Quesadilla ...easy.  Left over shreds of cheese are every where.  And the boys favorite.....crackers.  Crumbs a plenty!  I explained to them how to use a kitchen rag.  How to wet it, wring it out, and even the best way to wipe so it goes into your hand and NOT on the floor.  

Like I said it "101 of Daily Life Lesson's ~ I thought you already knew" HA! High tech stuff? No I don't think so.  Techy stuff?  Definitely Not.  Stuff! YES! Just stuff that I THOUGHT my kids knew but they showed me ~~~ and now I have shown them! 

Two weeks in to summer vacation and maybe this Average Family is getting a step closer to being a bit more talented...not gifted....just talented.  Ba Da Dum!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nut's last day of school ~ ;-)

I don't know about you but I tend to start out each year fresh and ready for a new beginning.  New kids  to get to know (and hear stories about) a new teacher, and a whole new set of rules.  ;-)

Goodness, the Average Mom LOVES a good set of rules.  My son, who happens to be the only boy, the baby of my three, and a lover of peanut butter will be called "Nut" for references in the blog.  Nut is a good boy.  He loves school, friends, and lunch but he also loves to chat.

Not only does he chat but he also makes random sounds.  Picture a kid playing drums on his desk, his legs, or stomach.  His hands like to be moving when not holding his iPod or Nintendo DS, "What's up with that?" So, these random sounds and chat sessions are not and were not part of the 4th grade rules of the classroom.  Duh? Even the Average child should figure that one out...pretty distracting for any one I would guess.

After spending most of the first quarter within arms reach of the teacher's desk....a proud spot for any child really.  When you aren't sure what is happening?  The teacher is RIGHT there to ask.  When you need a favor? Who better to ask then the teacher?  And when you have to go to the waiting to get her attention he could just tap her desk (literally) and ask to be excused.  HA! Who knew the perks of desk location!! (Nut learned quickly..location has its benefits!)

Anyway, fast forward through the year.  Today is the last day.  He can chat. He can drum. He can get as crazy as he wants and I will let him.  After all, he made it through 4th grade being Average...when just about everyone else in his classroom has been called "gifted" more than once by their parents.

You can have your gifted ones.....I will take the Average Nut and cherish him and his quirks all summer long!  WooHoo!! Hip Hip Hooray for Summer Vacation!

(Looks like Nut has been the butt of a sister's joke once again....ha!)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I am so excited to start this new blog.  New in the sense that it is from ME ~ TAM-The Average Mom but not new in "WooHoo....its the first blog ever to talk about being an average mom...whether a little above average some days or a lot below average on others" 

This blog will be about being REAL.  The mom who tells it as she sees it or experiences it.  The mom who isn't going to always agree with the soccer mom's, the neighbor mom's, the church ladies or fellow employees.  (And I am pretty sure you don't always agree with them either.....but, do you have a place to vent your true feelings?)  Well, now YOU do!! 

I will talk about every thing and more.  Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and of course opinions.  I will be giving mine so please leave yours and hopefully we can all learn a little something together as we tackle the task of being T.A.M. ~ The Average Mom!