Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer is in FULL Swing but, I need to refocus

OH where, oh where has my little life gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?  (I could have used "doggie" but, I know where he is ... snoozing on the floor beside me after a crazy evening of thunderstorms and being awakened from God's flash bulb) And that's ok....because we have a beautiful day here today.

a little snippet of my side yard...
the neighbors may start calling me
"crazy daisy lady"

Oops....Focus T.A.M. Focus....see what I mean by needing to "refocus"? I get a little off task sometimes and lately its been in the form of teaching my kiddos daily tasks of life.  For instance, I have begun the "101 of Life's Daily lesson's ~ I thought you already KNEW!" I do not have 101 specific examples don't worry but, I do have a few.

1.  How to change a toilet paper roll.  Really?  I cannot believe how many empty rolls I find still on the toilet dispenser and full new rolls sitting on the back on the toilet being used.  I am sure that dispenser was at least $9.99 kids----Can you please use it?!

2.  How to pick up after oneself.  It's a very difficult task around this house and its especially difficult when in our basement or a bathroom.  Hmmmm, maybe its something in the air?  I may need to change the furnace filter.....better check on that soon.  Anyway, I showed them in the bathroom that all they have to do is bend (at the knees~save the back) pick up said clothes or pajamas and put them a. in the dirty clothes hamper or b. back in the drawer for the next days use.  (Novel idea isn't it? ha!) 

The basement tutorial was a bit harder.  I had to show some many different things.  *How to throw granola bar wrappers in the garbage. * How to take dirty dishes back upstairs to the kitchen sink *How to pick up dirty socks because you must have gotten hot and decided to take them off and throw them in the closest corner. And finally, * How to correctly change a full garbage.  (I know its brain wrecking scientific stuff around here!) But, when the garbage can is over flowing that is a definite sign IT NEEDS to be CHANGED. 

3.  And the last one.....How to wipe up crumbs on the kitchen counter. I know exactly who ate what when I come home or go in the kitchen after my tribe.  Pb&J...obvious. Because I just smeared my hand in some of the mess.  Cheese Quesadilla ...easy.  Left over shreds of cheese are every where.  And the boys favorite.....crackers.  Crumbs a plenty!  I explained to them how to use a kitchen rag.  How to wet it, wring it out, and even the best way to wipe so it goes into your hand and NOT on the floor.  

Like I said it "101 of Daily Life Lesson's ~ I thought you already knew" HA! High tech stuff? No I don't think so.  Techy stuff?  Definitely Not.  Stuff! YES! Just stuff that I THOUGHT my kids knew but they showed me ~~~ and now I have shown them! 

Two weeks in to summer vacation and maybe this Average Family is getting a step closer to being a bit more talented...not gifted....just talented.  Ba Da Dum!

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