Friday, June 28, 2013

Well that was sort of awkward!

OMG!  If you didn't read my last post about my cycle class you must do so here before continuing........

Don't worry I will, go read!


MmmmKay? Done?

Well then lets continue.  I worked last night.  And after about an hour into the job who should walk in but SAID CYCLE INSTRUCTOR!  (My first thought was did he read my post? Does he know what I REALLY think of his class?!) Holy Horror! 


Not really but you know what I mean.  Then it happened.....he reached out his hand to "pretend to introduce himself to me" He's all....."I'm *blah*, did you know we have a class called Cycle on Monday and Wednesday mornings that I teach?".....Ummm, Yes, I knew and I have been specifically avoiding it....I take it you noticed? 

OK, so I didn't actually say that but heck yes I thought it and a few other thoughts too but you get the idea.

I explained I get bored...(oops foot in mouth).....that I need to change up the routine ( music to motivate).....and that during the summer I have more flexibility with my time ~ not having to plan around kid and school schedules ~ thus, I am trying new things.  (Whew! I think he bought it; after all it is mostly true)

Then he ended the conversation with......"I'll save a bike for you for when you come back.".....

I smiled and said thanks!

See I can be nice like that ......sometimes!

Happy Friday and Have a drink it's the weekend after all!!

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