Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nut's last day of school ~ ;-)

I don't know about you but I tend to start out each year fresh and ready for a new beginning.  New kids  to get to know (and hear stories about) a new teacher, and a whole new set of rules.  ;-)

Goodness, the Average Mom LOVES a good set of rules.  My son, who happens to be the only boy, the baby of my three, and a lover of peanut butter will be called "Nut" for references in the blog.  Nut is a good boy.  He loves school, friends, and lunch but he also loves to chat.

Not only does he chat but he also makes random sounds.  Picture a kid playing drums on his desk, his legs, or stomach.  His hands like to be moving when not holding his iPod or Nintendo DS, "What's up with that?" So, these random sounds and chat sessions are not and were not part of the 4th grade rules of the classroom.  Duh? Even the Average child should figure that one out...pretty distracting for any one I would guess.

After spending most of the first quarter within arms reach of the teacher's desk....a proud spot for any child really.  When you aren't sure what is happening?  The teacher is RIGHT there to ask.  When you need a favor? Who better to ask then the teacher?  And when you have to go to the waiting to get her attention he could just tap her desk (literally) and ask to be excused.  HA! Who knew the perks of desk location!! (Nut learned quickly..location has its benefits!)

Anyway, fast forward through the year.  Today is the last day.  He can chat. He can drum. He can get as crazy as he wants and I will let him.  After all, he made it through 4th grade being Average...when just about everyone else in his classroom has been called "gifted" more than once by their parents.

You can have your gifted ones.....I will take the Average Nut and cherish him and his quirks all summer long!  WooHoo!! Hip Hip Hooray for Summer Vacation!

(Looks like Nut has been the butt of a sister's joke once again....ha!)

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