Thursday, June 27, 2013

An Average Mom's attempt at Jillian Michael's Shred.

Lately I have been wanting to change up my workout/exercise routine.  Man, do I get bored easily!  Over the winter months when I had to be more strict with my time due to kids in school and activities I had to primarily work out in the morning if at all.  Thus, the 6AM cycle class at my Y on Monday and Wednesday mornings were my friend.  Until........

1.  The music took a toll. I just couldn't stand listening to another "American Pie" tribute or duh..."The YMCA" by The Village People and finally, the Beach Boys....yes, an American Legend but try finding your inspiration to cycle at the wee morning hours to "I wish they all could be California girls!" UGH!

2.  The instructor would constantly ask ...."Do you know who sings this song?" ....I don't like to be put on the spot. Period. But, I definitely don't want to be put on the spot when "I DON"T CARE WHO SINGS THIS SONG!" I really just want this song to be over and the class too for that matter.

and finally,

3.  When I kind of spoke up and made fun of a song the fellow cycle peeps kind of glared at me?! What? I thought I simply said what every one else was thinking.....You mean you all REALLY like this music? And once I again I am the one with the crazy thoughts?!

That was the end of 6AM cycle for me.  I haven't been back for 2 months...sad thing, I don't think I am missed.  *ha!*

So, this Average Mom decided there are more Y's in my area and it was time to check out what they had to offer.  I needed new music, new motivation, new instruction and a new experience....insert today's class.....Jillian Michael's Shred!

3-2-1- Fitness.  Intense. Fast. 30 minutes of sweat filled movements with loud motivating music!  This is just what I had been looking for!  My fat jiggled one way while my body moved another.   When the instructor ~ one Jillian would be so proud of ~ said "10 seconds to the next move" I took that as..."10 seconds to rest so that I would be ready for the next move."

Did I die? No.

Did I have to rest a bit? Yes.

Will I be back? For Sure!

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